Arcade Machine Bartop 10.4″ HD LED Acrylic Retro Game Desktop 1299 in 1 Pandora 5s.

Ever wanted to relive your childhood at the arcade? Ever wanted to introduce awesome retro games to your kids? Now you can!


We have a compact acrylic desktop bar top arcade machine packed to the brim with 1299 in 1 plug and play, ready to go. This awesome piece of retro magic memorabilia is made with thick and durable A grade 7mm acrylic panels. It features one of the most reputable names in internal boards and preloaded in English. It features an 8 way joystick for gameplay across many genres and an Australian power supply.


The unit features a 10.4” HD LED LCD screen and an ergonomic control panel, coupled with anti slip feet, ensuring you get a stable, comfortable and smooth game playing experience.


Weighing in at a light weight and portable 2.9kg, the unit can be plugged into your TV via HDMI if preferred or can even be plugged into you PC or PS3 and used as an external joystick.


Want to play at night when the kids are asleep and you have some down time, but don’t want to wake them up? No problem! Plug in some headphone via the AUX cable in the back.


What are you waiting for? Be the hero of your workplace, the king of your man cave or queen of your lady lounge, and get one of these beauties while they last.